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Refunds to buyers
We refund buyers via PayPal. If a buyer doesn’t have a PayPal account, we ask the buyer to create one. In the unlikely event we’re unable to send refunds to a PayPal account. It can take up to 45 days for the refund to show up on the card statement..
All the refund commission will be paid by buyers.

Your privacy is important to us.
We collect your personal information when you register or enter information on our site. We use it mainly to provide services to you (e.g. helping you buy and sell), personalize the site for you, communicate with you and to help keep the site safe. You can access, review and change your personal information at any time.

We don’t send spam and don’t permit any spam on We don’t rent or sell your personal information to third parties for their marketing purposes without your explicit consent.

Payment Terms
For your convenience, we offer you the option to pay for translation services with a plastic card via Internet (Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, BelCard).

* CVV2/CVC2 code is a verification number consisting of three digits which is printed on the back of the plastic card. This number is usually printed in the upper right corner of the special signature strip. Code input is necessary to check if the card is used by its present cardholder.
• If you have chosen to pay for the order with a plastic card, your payments (including plastic card number input) will be processed by ASSIST Electronic Payment Company, TLS, with the use of the hardware-software complex of ASSIST electronic payment system which has been internationally certified. ASSIST company has been working on the market of secure electronic payments for more than 10 years and is a leader in this sphere.
• The system which ensures payment safety uses the password-protected protocol TLS for transfer of confidential data from the client to the server and their further processing in the processing center. It means that the does not receive your confidential data (card properties, registration data, etc.), their processing is fully secured and nobody, including the administration of the, cannot get access to personal and bank data of the client.
• Besides, VISA international payment system requires mandatory use of the 3D-Secure technology, when payments made with plastic cards are being processed.
• In order to avoid illegal use of plastic cards for payment transactions, all Orders placed online through the Website and prepaid with a plastic card are subject to verification by the Seller. According to the Rules of International Payment Systems, the Client shall provide some information on request lodged by an employee of the Seller with the aim to verify the cardholder’s identity and his right to use the card. It can be a copy of two pages from the cardholder’s passport (two-page opening with the cardholder’s photo), as well as a copy of both sides of the plastic card (card number should be covered, except for the last four digits). The Seller reserves the right to cancel the Order without assigning any reasons, including the case if the Client has not submitted the specified documents (by fax or per e-mail in the form of scanned copies) within 30 days from the Order date or in case if their authenticity raises doubts.
Payment methods:
You can pay for services using any method that suits you best. is concerned about comfort of its clients and sees to it that it is comfortable for you to make payments for provided services.
We accept the following payment methods:
• VISA or MasterCard;
• Bank transfer for legal entities (the invoice is issued by our accountant);
• Bank transfer for individuals;
Procedure description for plastic card payments:
• With the help of plastic cards, you can pay online for our services easily and quickly. Bank card payments on our website are made via ASSIST payment system ( ). ASSIST system ensures payment safety by using the SSL protocol for transfer of confidential data from the client to the server and their further processing. Subsequent transfer of information is made through closed bank networks with the highest degree of protection. Processing of the received confidential data of the client (card properties, registration data, etc.) is conducted in the processing center. Thus, we cannot get access to your personal data, data of the plastic card and other information, including information on the client’s purchases made in other shops;
• The ASSIST system conducts a card transaction in accordance with the requirements of VISA, Master Card, American Express, etc. systems. In this connection, the system supports such technologies as 3D Secure and Secure Code that are compulsory on the Internet. These technologies are based on additional protection of the plastic card from fraud on the Internet, because in order to make payments the cardholder must enter a special code (3D Secure – for VISA and Secure Code – for Master Card). This code is NOT printed on the plastic card, since it is issued by the issuing bank as an additional code for online payments;
• The card issuing bank redirects you to the page where you can enter this code only if this card has been registered by the Bank as a card involved in this technology. More details regarding this technology you may find on ASSIST website;
• One-time password is an alternative to the 3D Secure password;
• You can inquire about the rules for use of these passwords and addresses of ATMs that issue passwords in the customer service of the bank that issued your card;
How to pay with a plastic card (Rules and procedures):
• Payment is made via the Internet immediately after ordering;
• We accept the following plastic cards: Visa, MasterCard, JCB, Diners Club;
Procedure for plastic card payment on the Internet:
• Check if your plastic card is suitable for Internet payments (this information can be obtained from the Client’s issuing bank).
• Make an order online. Choose the quantity of lessons that you want to buy. After you are given the option to choose payment methods, choose “Plastic card”. Enter your name, surname, phone, and city on the next page. Press “Pay”. will redirect you to the authentication servver of ASSIST system.
ASSIST authentication server establishes a connection with the Buyer via a protected channel (TLS) and receives card information (card number, card expiry date, cardholder’s name as shown on the card) from the Buyer.
• ASSIST authentication server performs preliminary processing of the received information and forwards it to the settlement bank of the system (hereinafter referred to as Bank).
• The Bank checks if our service ( is present in the System and if the operation complies with the established system constraints. On the basis of the inspection results the Bank generates a prohibition or permit to perform authorization of the transaction into the card payment system.
If the authorization result, received from the card payment system, is positive:
• the Bank forwards the positive authorization result to ASSIST authentication server;
• the authentication server sends the positive authorization result to the Buyer;
• having received the confirmation of the permit for authorization, renders the service (accepts the order).
If the authentication is denied:
• the Bank sends the denial of payment for the order to the ASSIST authentication server;
• the authentication server forwards the denial with the order number to
• The Buyer receives a letter which contains the reason for the denial of authentication.
Reasons for a denial of authentication can be as follows:
•There is not enough money loaded onto your card to pay for your order;
•The buyer’s issuing bank has imposed a ban on payment via Internet (some banks ban payments on the Internet to avoid fraud);
•Data entered have not been confirmed by the Buyer on the payment page, data format error, etc.
Depending on the reason for the denial of authentication, you can choose one of the following options to solve the problem:
• Try to make the payment again, but no earlier than after 20 minutes;
• Apply for explanation to the issuing Bank;
• If the Bank cannot solve the problem, try to make the payment again using a card issued by another Bank.
Data security:
• Refunding/reimbursement and transaction cancellation are not provided.
• The administration guarantees that your personal data such as login, password, name, surname, information on your payments, and contact information (e-mail address, telephone, postal address) will never be transferred to third parties.
Refund refund:
Decision on money refund is made by the management of on a case-by-case basis upon a written application.
Reasons for money refund can be as follows:
• If money were excessively or erroneously transferred to the settlement account of the Provider;
• If the delivered translation does not comply with quality requirements and there is no possibility to remove all the defects.
Money shall be refunded within 30 calendar days.If the payments were made on a cashless basis, the amount of money due for refund shall be transferred to the settlement account of the Buyer.

If money were transferred to the account of the Provider by means of a plastic card, the amount of money due for refund shall be transferred to the same card, which was used for payments.

The Order
After your payment our administration will connect with you in order to explain all the info about the Russian Teacher and All the lessons.
You can write us a letter about the most important info about you.