Celebrities with Russian Roots

Celebrities with Russian Roots
Natalie Portman
1.Natalie Portman: Her mother is of partial Russian ancestry. Portman’s parents moved to Jerusalem (where she was born) from Kishinev, Moldova.
Leonardo DiCaprio
2.Leonardo DiCaprio: His maternal grandparents were Russian immigrants. Perhaps that influenced the actor’s decision to play famed Russian mystic Grigori Rasputin.
Mila Kunis
3. Mila Kunis: She is a Ukrainian-born actress who speaks Russian fluently. Her full name is Milena Markovna Kunis.
Lisa Kudrow
4. Lisa Kudrow: Her ancestors were of Belarusian descent. The name Kudrow means “curly hair” in Belarussian.
Harrison Ford
5. Harrison Ford: His maternal grandparents were immigrants from Belarus, when it was part of the Russian Empire.
Natalie Wood
6. Natalie Wood: Born Natalia Nikolaevna Zacharenko, Wood’s parents were immigrants from Russia. She also spoke Russian, and once stated, “I’m very Russian, you know.”
Milla Jovovich
7. Milla Jovovich: Milica Nastasha Jovovich, the actress and model, was born in Kiev, Ukraine, when it was part of the Soviet Union. She also speaks Russian.
Michael Douglas
7. Michael Douglas: His famous father Kirk, whose original full name was Issur Danielovich-Demsky, is of Belarussian ancestry.
Pamela Anderson
9. Pamela Anderson, Canadian-American actress, sex symbol, activist known for her roles on the television series Baywatch, mother is of Russian ancestry
Anton Yelchin

10. Anton Yelchin, actor, Jewish immigrant from Russia

Nicole Scherzinger’s
11. Nicole Scherzinger’s mother is half-Russian and half-Hawaiian.
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